Elementor Tracker - Track events using Elementor



Instead of writing tracking code, or setting CSS id on every element you want to track, you can now use Elementor Tracker

Elementor Tracker supports multiple tracking methods:


Elementor Tracker supports adding tracking on all Elementor Elements, with support for Elementor Pro Forms after submission events


How To Use

Elementor Tracker Embeds event code in "click" events of any of Elementor elements.

For it to work, you have to use Analytics Tag plugin of your choise so it embeds the analytics tags in the webpage.

For example, we will embed Facebook Pixel events in our elementor page.

  1. Follow Installation instructions on Official Facebook Pixel
  2. Edit a page using Elementor
  3. Select the element that should be triggering the event
  4. Go to Advanced Tab
  5. Go to Events Tracking Section. screenshot1
  6. Turn on Track with Facebook
  7. Select the event that a click on this element should trigger screenshot2
  8. Click Update

That's all :)

Now you can check that the event is triggered correctly using the Pixel Helper Chrome Extension by Facebook

Repeat this process for every tracker that you would like to add.